Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Easy to Make Healthy Recipes

         One thing’s for sure when you attend a potluck party and serving healthy meals – it will most likely be talked about.  Positively or negatively is another matter!  Other much talked about items could be the very delicious, decadent, fancy, healthy food gourmet and expensive dishes you can just buy from a restaurant or deli.

         To make an good and lasting impression regardless if it’s a potluck or a dinner party at home, you need not spend too much nor slave in the kitchen for hours.  Go for health!  But to ensure that you’ll be invited to future parties or have guests in your succeeding gatherings, make sure that your dishes are delicious!
         These healthy food recipes range from ultra simple dips that take mere minutes to prepare to international inspired fare.  Treat your guests to a food trip to the Mediterranean with Athenian pizza which is nothing more than store bought pizza bread slathered with instant pizza sauce and topped with pan-fried vegetables and pepperoni.  Yes, pepperoni!  Though somewhat high in fat, only a small amount is used and complemented with high-fiber and nutrient vegetables.  Another meat-vegetable dish is artichoke and beef fettucini.  Nutrify it more by using whole wheat noodles, grass fed beef and organic vegetables.
        Alsatian soup with usually contains bacon drippings is made heartier and sensible with the addition of mushrooms and turnips.  Half and half or milk replace heavy cream.  Cheese is done away with in this version.
        If you live in another part of the world where artichokes, basil or certain ingredients are difficult to come by, be creative and experiment with substitutions and just be inspired with the flavor profile of the dish you want to make.  Going local with your ingredient selection also guarantees you get food cheaper and at its freshest.

        Lastly. try to stay away from instant mixes that promise a lot of flavor in a tiny sachet.  More often than not, it’s just loaded with sodium, monosodium glutamate, artificial ingredients and preservatives!  And when counting calories, use lean cuts of meat, increase vegetables and limit deep fat frying.  Counting calories may not necessarily be the best way to view eating healthily.  For example, 300 calories from a wholesome Asian coleslaw with miso dressing is certainly more good for you than half the calories from a serving of French fried potatoes.

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