Friday, May 31, 2013

How to Make Great Risotto at Home

  1. Rice is a staple food in many of the Mediterranean countries. But in Italy, it seems to have made its appearance into dishes around about the 14th century. Maybe from contact with the folks from the Iberian Peninsula, maybe from explorers who brought it back to the Italian shores.

    No matter when rice made its way to Italy, one of the best places it grows in the entire country is just outside of Milan. Lots of flat land for easy irrigation and lots and lots of humidity combine to produce the perfect climate for growing rice. And has helped make rice a staple in many regional Italian dishes.

    One of the most popular rice dishes is risotto. There are a number of cute anecdotes which purport to tell about how rice came to be flavored with saffron. And the most famous of these involves a 14th century stained glass worker putting saffron into the dishes of rice at a marriage feast. But no matter how it came to be, some of the best risotto dishes I have ever tasted have been flavored with this wonderful spice from the flower of the saffron crocus.

  2. There are in general four ingredients in making risotto. The first is the soffritto, which is a melange of vegetables, onions, and olive oil. Soffritto is the vegetable base to a risotto and as such is prepared first by being sauteed in the pan in which the risotto will be prepared. Next you add broth into the soffritto, with beef, vegetable or chicken and then you add the main flavoring ingredient. Which in many cases will be saffron, but can also be small pieces of beef or chicken

    When these are all nicely combined, you finally add the rice. Italian rice has nice fat grains that can soak up a lot of liquid and still not get all sticky like Hawaiian or some Chinese rice.

    Risotto is a very popular dish and most cooks have their own secret blend d of spices, and a special combination of the vegetables that make up the soffritto. You can also find a great deal of controversy as to when to add the spices during the cooking process, Because risotto is fairly complex food to prepare, even though the ingredients are pretty simple, you wind up with special traditional family recipes being handed down from one generation to the next. And these are guarded with an almost religious zeal.
  3. Italian Risotto
  4. Cornish hen with risotto and chocolate sauce and cognac
  5. Ingredients

    ½ cup uncooked Arborio rice
    1/3 cup uncooked pearl barley, roasted in the oven until golden brown
    1 c. teaspoon finely chopped shallots
    ½ c. tsp garlic, finely chopped
    ½ cup white wine
    4 cups chicken broth
    1 c. tablespoons of blanched celery root and diced
    1 c. to table celery blanched and diced
    1 c. tablespoons of butternut squash, diced and blanched
    Brandy sauce and chocolate1 cup demi-glace
    1 ounce Red wine
    1 ounce cognac
    1 c. teaspoon soy sauce
    1 c. tablespoons of chocolate
    ¼ c. tsp fresh tarragon
    2 c. tablespoons of butter
    ½ c. teaspoon finely chopped shallots
  6. Method: 

    Risotto Sweat the shallots and garlic in a saucepan with the desired amount of butter. Add uncooked Arborio rice and stir until rice is completely covered with melted butter. Add wine and cook until absorbed. Add uncooked pearl barley and roasted.

    Stir until the mixture covered Add chicken broth one ladle at a time until nothing left. The rice should be cooked to three quarts. Remove from heat and cool by spreading on a baking sheet to accelerate the cooling process.

    Finally, place the risotto on a plate and add a couple of ladles of chicken broth. Bring to a boil and add the blanched vegetables.

    Once the mixture is completely absorbed and the rice hot, season to taste and place in the middle of the dish. Brandy sauce and chocolate Saute the shallots in the butter.

    Add the chopped tarragon. Add red wine and flambé, reduce by half. Add the brandy and flambé, reduce by half. Add demi-glace and reduce by one third. Finally, add the soy sauce and chocolate.

    Once the melted chocolate and incorporated into the sauce, pour into the dish. Cornish hen Season with salt and pepper both sides of two chicken breasts Cornwall.

    Enter in a frying pan until it reaches a golden brown on both sides and finish cooking in the oven for five to six minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove and let stand for two minutes. Presentation Place the risotto in the middle of the dish.

    Slice the chicken breasts and place in Cornwall over the risotto. To decorate, spoon sauce over and the edges of the plate.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Step-by-Step How to Grill Meat

  1. There are several ways in which meat can be cooked. Meat can be boiled, fried, roasted, baked and grilled. But the option of grilling chicken will provide you with mouth watering dishes that will also decrease the level of fat that is present in the meat. During grilling process more amount of fat will be drained due to the temperature that is being involved. If you are willing to learn how to grill meat then there are fabulous tips and procedure that are mentioned to enable speedy and easy cooking to get sumptuous meat.
  2. Things you need:

    Grilling meat requires certain level of normal items and special items to get best taste. You can also probably add any of your favorite grill ingredients if you think that the taste of grilled meat will further be increase due to the addition of your favorite ingredient. Some of the items that are required are meat, oil for grill, fresh herbal seasonings, pepper and salt, grill utensils, sharp knife, cutting board and wired bush for grills.
  3. Cleaning and flavoring

    The meat should first be cleaned by drenching it in cold water and removing all the unwanted wastes that are present. After cleaning is complete, it is essential to cover the outside of meat with salt covering and inside of meat with proper seasonings. The seasonings shall contain items such as pepper, cilantro, sage and fresh basil. Two tablespoons of minced basil will be a good option.
  4. Placing it in grill

    Whatever be the kind of grill which you are using such as gas grill or charcoal grill it is essential that the meat should be placed neat unheated section of grill. For buffalo the grilling temperature should be much lower than that of other meat because there is no fat bedding region that is present in buffalo meat.

    If you are grilling chicken then the meat should be left for about 30 minutes in the grills at optimum temperature range. The position of meat that is being grilled should be changed frequently to make sure that the distribution of heat is more even. There will be change in color obtained when the meat is grilled properly.

    After the grilling process, it is advised that the meat should be left covered for 20 minutes to obtain evenly juicier pieces. You can brush it with barbecue sauce if you desire after 20 minutes. In this way it is possible to grill meat in a proper and healthier manner.
  5. Farandoles of grilled meats
  6. Ingredients: 

    100 g of smoked chest
    100 g of net of beef in the tail
    100 g of white of chicken
    4 first lamb chops
    4 small chipolatas
    100 g of net of calf
    4 edges of duck breast of duck
    2 red and firm tomatoes
    1 zucchini
    1 packet of chives
    1 branch of tarragon
    3 branches of parsley
    3 branches of chervil
    1 branch of basil
    4 circles of 8 cm in diameter

    juice of meat beforehand recovered by a baking of roast or other one
    vinegar of Sherry
    oil of olive
  7. Method: 

    Cut meats in small pieces and oil them with a brush. Cannelez zucchinis and slice thinly them in fine edges. Mondez tomatoes, before slicing thinly them in fine edges in a circle. Raise in rosette, by alternating the washers of zucchinis and tomatoes, and end in the centre with a washer of tomato. Recover all leaves of herbes, which you hack roughly in the knife. Throw herbes into the hot juice of meat, added up by a net of vinegar, go up to the butter and to the oil of olive. Put the circles of vegetables on an oily plate, salt, add pepper and water with oil of olive. Pass to the oven until the zucchini is get pissed. For dressage, dispose zucchinis and tomatoes in a tian (big dish on earth, broad and rather shallow), divide meats grilled around, then water with the juice of meat in herbes.

Learn about Black Pepper and Its Benefits

  1. The health benefits of black pepper (Piper nigrum) are substantial and still being investigated. The peppercorn is native to tropical rain forests in Indonesia, and comes from the peppercorn plant. The peppercorn is actually a berry but is often categorized as a spice due to the way it is used in cooking. This plant, a perennial climbing vine, will require the use of a pole to reach its full growth potential. It will not produce fruit for as long as four years after planting. Often peppercorns are harvested when they are nearly matured and ready to turn red in color. White peppercorns, the result of berries that have fully ripened, which are then soaked to remove the dark, outer shell, revealing a white pepper seed on the inside. Not only has pepper become a popular spice that sits next to salt on the table, but there are many black pepper health benefits that can be utilized.
  2. Health Benefits 

    Black peppers digestive benefits are caused by stimulating taste buds which increases the amount of hydrochloric acid that the stomach produces. This additional secretion improves digestion of food once it reaches the stomach.

    This is one of the most notable attributes of black pepper. This increase in acid is effective in decreasing the amount of intestinal gas, reducing the embarrassing side effect of passing gas along with preventing constipation and heartburn. Because of its ability to eliminate the bacteria in the stomach, black pepper is also thought of as an antibacterial agent.

    Black pepper, rich in antioxidants, effectively controls blood pressure and heart rate with its high level of potassium. Pepper is also high in iron which is essential in the production of healthy blood cells. Peppercorns contain vitamin A and vitamin C and are also rich in other antioxidants such as carotenes which work to help the body fight cancers and other diseases.

    The health benefits are thought to extend to it being a cancer fighting agent. Piperine, found in peppercorns, effectively counteracts the development of cancer. This particular chemical works by interfering with the mechanism in cancer cells that allows tumors to progress in size. When combined, the anti-cancer health benefits of turmeric and black pepper are multiplied greatly.
  3. Uses of black pepper essential oil
  4. Benefits of Black Pepper
  5. Royal gilt-head bream, infusion of pepper of Séchuan

    1 nice gilt-head bream of 800g
    3 kg of big salt
    500 gr (50 cl) white d uf
    50 g pink pepper
    50 g black pepper
    50 g white pepper
    60 g pepper of Séchuan (prickly ash)
    1 branch of thyme
    1 branch of rosemary
    2 branches of dried fennel
    1 boot of parsley
  6. Method: 

    Stuff the gilt-head bream before baking with herbes: of the thyme, the rosemary, the dried fennel and the parsley. Do not salt and add pepper because the mode of baking will give a perfect flavouring. Blend salt with the white d and peppers, to the point of acquiring a homogeneous and very humid foundation everywhere. To a dish going to the oven deposit a foundation of big salt on which you will put the sea bream, not on the side but on the edge ", for a perfect and homogeneous baking of nets. Cover with the rest of salt. Form a cockle around the sea bream. Clean off during 25mn on 250 °. A year go out of the oven, let it still 5mn in salt draw. Introduce the gilt-head bream in rind of salt to your guests. Break the cockle of big salt, but attention it is very hard, take out the sea bream, raise nets. In a plate deposit a net of gilt-head bream, glaze with the infusion of pepper Sèchuan (mixture of liquid cream and grains of pepper).

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One of the World's Most Joyous Dishes

  1. The best salad recipes are available for everyday and in almost every occasion. There are salad recipes if you want a light dinner, to bring to potluck parties, if you are on a diet, to use as side dish for school lunch meal or for a holiday party such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween.

    Various salad recipes are available in different types which make it easy for you to narrow your choices. Some of these types are vegetable, greens, bound, fruit, entrée and dessert. When it comes to choosing the best salad recipes, it helps if you know what kind you want to eat or serve.
  2. Green Salads:

    If you are searching for a healthy and satisfying side dish or appetizer, nothing beats green salads. They are simple, easy and quick to prepare. For people who are on a weight loss program, green salads can become their main dish.
  3. Vegetable Salads:

    They contain all vegetables other than green and leafy such as lettuce and cabbage. Vegetable salads are low fat and healthy options. They are popular as side dishes but you can also opt to make them as appetizers or even as main dish.
  4. Entrée Salads:

    This type of salad is served as the main meal. Usually, they include meat, chicken, beef, seafood or fish. You can mix them with greens or vegetables. These salads are packed with nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. Some examples are chef salad, Caesar salad and cob salad.
  5. Dessert Salads:

    This type of salad is popular at large gatherings or potlucks. A perfect ending to a perfect meal. You can have recipes for cookie salad, fruit salads, salads with whipped or gelatin topping or any sweet versions.
  6. Choosing the best salad recipes for a meal can be quiet difficult for the simple reason that there are so many available choices out there. That is why it helps to know the type of salad that is appropriate for the occasion or that will fit your budget and requirements. You can find some ideas online from
  7. Salad of lukewarm wolf in the pourpier
  8. Ingredients: 

    1 wolf of 1 kg
    2 rooms of tomatoes or 300 grammes
    3 packets of pourpier 
    180/200 g medium zucchinis
    10 black rooms of olive 
     15 cl of oil of olive
    3/4 of lemon juices
    1 boot of dill
  9. Method: 

    Make raise the nets of wolf, as well as the skin, by your fish dealer, then itemize in 6 equal scoops. Cook them in a dish in the oven to about 200 degrees, during 5 - 8 minutes, with 5 cl of oil of olive salt and add pepper. Cut zucchinis in chunks 5 cm long, then cut them in fine blades 2 mm in thickness, with the aid of a "mandolin". Make 48 blades there. Put them to cook in water by salting from boiling. Prove that they are crispy, then cool them in some very cold water with icicles. Drain. Reserve on a plate. Pick the pourpier by taking only the leaves which you wash and drain. Cut tomatoes in small 1 cm dices, having picked them and épépinées. Cut black olives in very fine washers, having stoned them. Boil them in some water during 5 minutes, then drain them. Preparation of the vinaigrette: Blend, with the aid of a small whisk 1/4 of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 10 cl of oil of olive, some salt and some pepper. Finishing: Raise on 6 plates. Put in star 8 blades of zucchinis seasoned by plate. In the middle install the leaves of pourpier seasoned and, on this cupola, dispose an edge of lukewarm, cooked wolf. Pour a little vinaigrette and decorate with the dices of seasoned tomatoes, the washers of olives and some give off fluff of dill.