Friday, May 24, 2013

Anchovies With Herbs And Salads

An aspiring cook or chef, similar to an actor, painter or singer, would oftentimes have a source of inspiration, an accomplished icon that has reached the height of success in his or her chosen field or profession. It is not uncommon for a novice to try and follow their idol’s career path and in the culinary world, this could be trying to recreate an award-winning dish.

The epitome of recognition in culinary accomplishment, particularly food excellence is the Michelin star bestowed by the oldest restaurant recognition publication and is respected by both chefs, restaurateurs and patrons. Unlike other award-giving bodies, the Michelin group primarily focuses on food quality though those familiar with how the assessments are made ambiance and other factors come into play.

One should have realistic goals as these recipes could most likely be using very expensive rare ingredients and use professional chef’s tools and equipment. And of course, be aware that though you may be able to come across a Michelin recipe, it is most likely that it is only inspired by it. The original could very well be a trade secret kept in utmost confidentiality by the creator of the dish. This shouldn't discourage anyone to try it out though especially if they have lofty ambitions of becoming an award-winning chef. Remember to recognize the creator of the original dish or even acknowledge that it was an inspiration. Signature dishes, especially award-winning ones are the result of the hard work and experimentation of the one who created it.

Anchovies With Herbs And Salads


anchovy fillet
olive oil
fava bean
small artichokes
green onions

mesclun (chervil, arugula, leafy lettuces and endive in equal proportions)

Preparation Instructions

1 Peel the violet artichokes and make an incision at the bottoms. Slice them down to the middle to cook more quickly. Boil them for a couple of minutes until al dente.

2 Get the small carrot with its top, peel and slice in two. Cut into very fine slices with the top still on for decorative purposes. Do the same with the turnip. Cut the bottom of the spring onion and split the top down the middle. Pod the beans.

3 Cook the vegetables in boiling water with some salt until they are al dente. Let rest and place in cold water for a few seconds and drain to keep them nice and bright.

4 Make a bouquet of the lettuce and the herbs on a clean plate. You have to build them up, placing the vegetables high on the plate for maximum appeal. Presentation is a key element in this dish. Place the vegetables on the plate, arranging them in a nice pattern where colors are scattered all over the plate but in a neat way.

5 To finish off, make a vegetable tile using a special tile mold and potato starch, chickpeas, starch, water and butter. Cook in the oven n a not-stick plaque. Place the vegetable tile at the back of the lettuce heap to make the plate look really nice.

6 Drip anchoiade sauce around the salad plate and serve.

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