Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crayfish Recipe

seafood platter is often a real treat for people when ordered at a restaurant so you can imagine your friends' delight if you decide to serve them this meal at your next dinner party together.
The first thing I'd suggest when considering this idea is to make sure you have checked that your guests actually like seafood first. You don't have to ask them directly if you'd like to surprise them with a seafood platter - you could simply ask if there is any food that they don't like or can't tolerate (remember, a lot of people are allergic to seafood). You may also try this healthy french recipe - recette omelette aux truffes from Gourmandia. 

Prawns with the flavor of a barbecue taste delicious and char-grilled baby octopus is always popular but you must remember not to overcook these as they will become chewy and rubbery.
Marinades are great and very popular for seafood but if you don't have time for this, the seafood cooked in their own juices are tasty too. Marinades are liquid bases that you season to marinate food in before cooking and this method allows foods to absorb the flavors - and makes the food tenderer.

The platter could consist of anything from oysters, prawns (shrimps), crabs and lobster (or crayfish) for a cold platter or you can add some hot seafood like fish fillets, calamari rings, scallops and baby octopus. Try to buy all of your seafood on the day on which it is to be served. If you are serving a combined platter, make sure you keep the cold seafood in the fridge until just before serving so nothing goes off.

Crayfishes grilled in the steam of primulas


20 crayfishes
20 cl of vegetable broth
20 cl of whey
 roots of wild primulas
flowers of primulas
40 g of butter
6 c. in soup of skim milk
salt, pepper


Castrate crayfishes by withdrawing the black bowels with a pointed knife. Reserve four there. Shell the others by separating the head of the tail, while leaving the last two rings and the caudal fins. Made reduce vegetable broth by half, add 20 heads of puréed crayfishes and the whey. Made still reduce by half, add the roots of primulas, withdraw some fire and cover. Let brew 3 or 4 minutes. Mix and pass to Chinese. Rectify flavouring, incorporate the butter and the milk, then mix to emulsify well. You must acquire 8 tablespoonfuls of sauce. Add a top of sugar if you think it is too sour.

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