Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bananas singed in rum thick caramel

Do you need some help learning to do new recipes? Sometimes those recipes just don't make sense when you read them, especially some of the gourmet ones. I have a heck of a time with them.

I found a neat way to learn new ways to cook food and to understand those recipes -video recipes. I have personally watched a lot of the recipe videos and have been able to follow and copy the recipes perfectly.
There is an array of video recipes to suit all your company's taste. You can find videos containing chicken recipes or even vegetarian recipes for those health food friends. I was impressed with the French recipes and the gourmet recipes. There's a bit of everything on the site that will help you. Just watch a few videos while you are cooking and you will impress all your friends.

Every time I need something special I go online for that perfect recipe, hoping it is on video. Being on video allows me to make the dish at the same time as watching the video. If I get a little behind, I just pause the video and catch up, a piece of cake... no pun intended.

On some of the neatest sites you will also find wine selection videos to help you pick that perfect wine to go with your perfect dish. I have tried a few myself with company meals and my friends were totally impressed with the recipes that I made. I'll be going back for more video recipes every week when company comes over for dinner.

Bananas singed in rum thick caramel


16 martiniquaises bananas

30 g of sugar
30 cl of milk
25 cl of cream
40 g grapes
4 pods of vanilla
gables of pine
15 cl of rum
syrup in thirty, so much for so much between water and sugar


2 small bananas per capita are almost needed. Once the butter begins quivering, install bananas in the frying pan to colour them, then burn. Add a little syrup to 30 degrees to ameliorate baking. Add grapes, pistachios and gables of pine. Prepare a caramel. Raise bananas in the plate, by not forgetting pistachios and grapes. Add a quenelle of ice to rum-grapes, pod of vanilla and cracking baby to end decoration.

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