Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One of the World's Most Joyous Dishes

  1. The best salad recipes are available for everyday and in almost every occasion. There are salad recipes if you want a light dinner, to bring to potluck parties, if you are on a diet, to use as side dish for school lunch meal or for a holiday party such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween.

    Various salad recipes are available in different types which make it easy for you to narrow your choices. Some of these types are vegetable, greens, bound, fruit, entrée and dessert. When it comes to choosing the best salad recipes, it helps if you know what kind you want to eat or serve.
  2. Green Salads:

    If you are searching for a healthy and satisfying side dish or appetizer, nothing beats green salads. They are simple, easy and quick to prepare. For people who are on a weight loss program, green salads can become their main dish.
  3. Vegetable Salads:

    They contain all vegetables other than green and leafy such as lettuce and cabbage. Vegetable salads are low fat and healthy options. They are popular as side dishes but you can also opt to make them as appetizers or even as main dish.
  4. Entrée Salads:

    This type of salad is served as the main meal. Usually, they include meat, chicken, beef, seafood or fish. You can mix them with greens or vegetables. These salads are packed with nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. Some examples are chef salad, Caesar salad and cob salad.
  5. Dessert Salads:

    This type of salad is popular at large gatherings or potlucks. A perfect ending to a perfect meal. You can have recipes for cookie salad, fruit salads, salads with whipped or gelatin topping or any sweet versions.
  6. Choosing the best salad recipes for a meal can be quiet difficult for the simple reason that there are so many available choices out there. That is why it helps to know the type of salad that is appropriate for the occasion or that will fit your budget and requirements. You can find some ideas online from thesaladsite.com.
  7. Salad of lukewarm wolf in the pourpier
  8. Ingredients: 

    1 wolf of 1 kg
    2 rooms of tomatoes or 300 grammes
    3 packets of pourpier 
    180/200 g medium zucchinis
    10 black rooms of olive 
     15 cl of oil of olive
    3/4 of lemon juices
    1 boot of dill
  9. Method: 

    Make raise the nets of wolf, as well as the skin, by your fish dealer, then itemize in 6 equal scoops. Cook them in a dish in the oven to about 200 degrees, during 5 - 8 minutes, with 5 cl of oil of olive salt and add pepper. Cut zucchinis in chunks 5 cm long, then cut them in fine blades 2 mm in thickness, with the aid of a "mandolin". Make 48 blades there. Put them to cook in water by salting from boiling. Prove that they are crispy, then cool them in some very cold water with icicles. Drain. Reserve on a plate. Pick the pourpier by taking only the leaves which you wash and drain. Cut tomatoes in small 1 cm dices, having picked them and épépinées. Cut black olives in very fine washers, having stoned them. Boil them in some water during 5 minutes, then drain them. Preparation of the vinaigrette: Blend, with the aid of a small whisk 1/4 of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 10 cl of oil of olive, some salt and some pepper. Finishing: Raise on 6 plates. Put in star 8 blades of zucchinis seasoned by plate. In the middle install the leaves of pourpier seasoned and, on this cupola, dispose an edge of lukewarm, cooked wolf. Pour a little vinaigrette and decorate with the dices of seasoned tomatoes, the washers of olives and some give off fluff of dill.

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