Monday, May 27, 2013

Healthy Carbohydrates that Should Be in Your Diet

When people hear carbs, they run for the hills, thinking that carbs automatically mean weight gain. This is simply not true, well at least not for all carbohydrates. There are some carbs that you should absolutely be including in your diet. They will not only be a great source of energy for your body, but also have a multitude of vitamins and minerals that you need everyday, yet most likely do not get.

The first carbohydrate that you should be consuming is cauliflower. It is a filling vegetable that is also low in calories. This is fortunate for us if we are looking to lose weight because we will be able to eat a lot of this without having to worry too much about the calories. It also is packed with fiber, which is great for cleaning out all of the waste in your intestines and aiding in digestion. For only 25 calories in every cup of cauliflower, you can get 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C, along with a bit of potassium and vitamin B6. Lastly, if you are cooking cauliflower, make sure to cook quickly by steaming it. This will make sure to limit the nutrient loss that can occur if you take longer to cook it.

Broccoli is the next vegetable that you should be eating if you are looking to eat healthier carbs to increase the quality of your life. There have been studies over the past 20 years that have concluded that people who eat a lot of broccoli will have a lower chance of getting certain cancers such as: colon, breast, cervix and a few others. Just one broccoli head has twice the recommended daily value of vitamin C. Rasberries are the final of the top three healthy carbohydrates. Once again like the first two examples, rasberries supply an abundance of vitamin C, folate, potassium and even a bit of iron, which is good for people with iron deficiencies. Also, the potassium in rasberries helps normalize your blood pressure, which lowers your chance of having a heart attack drastically. And as a insoluble fiber, it helps regulate bowel movements.

Nougat frozen in the coulis of raspberry


300 g of sharpened almonds
300 g of sugar
100 g of fruits confits (pineapples, apricots, clementines, barks of oranges, figs)
Other ingredients:
500 g of whipping cream
Italian meringue:
3 egg whites
100 g of rum
120 g of sugar
Coulis of raspberry:
400 g of raspberries
50 g of sugar


 Put fruits confits cut up in small cubes to be mortified in rum. Ready-to-wear clothes of the nougatine: Grill 300 g of almonds sharpened in the oven, to give them a light colouring. Cook 300 g of sugar in the caramel (so possible in a brass washbowl). When this one is ready, pour the grilled almonds. Blend the whole, so that almonds are coated well with caramel. Display the whole over a lightly oiled marble, as finely as possible. Break the nougatine in small pieces. Reserve for the freezer. Ready-to-wear clothes of the Italian meringue: Cooked 120 g of sugar in the wholesale trade rolled to 120 degrees (tells itself of a syrup of excited sugar, when some drops of this syrup, poured into some cold water, form a soft bowl). 40 g of sugar at the end of assemblage take up egg whites by adding to grip them. Add the sugar cooked warm and let turn up to full cooling, then clear out expenses in. Ready-to-wear clothes of the coulis: Boiled raspberries and sugar during 2 mn. Pass to the very fine stamen, clear out expenses in. 500 g of whipping cream in Chantilly cream (without sugar) go up. Blend the cold Italian meringue and the Chantilly cream in a " bath - marry " icicles. Incorporate the very cold nougatine and fruits confits. Do not blend too much for a long time. Fill moulds then and cross group 2 h to the refrigerator. Glaze the plate of coulis of raspberry, put down an edge of frozen nougat and decorate with a leaf of mint and a raspberry.

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