Monday, May 20, 2013

Food For the Eyes

Did you ever wish you will never ever wear your eyeglasses again? Do you want the world to see just how beautiful and sparkling your eyes are? If you answered yes, it is time now to learn more about the best foods rich in Vitamin A.
In order to appreciate this vitamin in full, it is important to know what does this vitamin does. Retinol, also known as Vitamin A, has first been discovered in 1913. Unlike Vitamin C which is water-soluble, Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin. Retinol is the other name for vitamin A because it serves to protect the retina of our eyes. Vitamin A has also been labeled as anti-infective because of its other function which is to protect our immune system. There are 2 main reasons why we should have Vitamin A in our bodies and therefore, eat best foods rich in Vitamin A.
1. It is the primary vitamin responsible for taking care of our vision. People who do not have enough Vitamin A in their bodies end up wearing eyeglasses for most of their lives or they have eye problems like cataracts and night vision problems.
2. Best foods rich in Vit. A is considered best because they also protect our skin, bones, teeth, and body tissues. In order to get these health benefits from Vitamin A, here is our list of best foods rich in vitamin A.
1. Vegetables like spinach, carrots, pasley, turnip green, Brussels, cucumbers, and capsicum pepper are among the best foods rich in Vitamin A. They especially aid in vision and cell growth support that we need.
2. Fruits like mangoes, apricots, sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A too that helps us strengthen our immune system. Acai berry is an exceptional source of Vitamin A as it has been found to help cure eye and skin problems due to deficiency of Vitamin A.
3. Cheese, eggs, butter, margarine, and herbs like chili powder are best foods rich in Vitamin A as well as they helps us protect our bones, teeth, and of course, our eyes.

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