Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Make Cranberry Ice Cream

This article explains how to make delicious cranberry ice cream recipe. For this I use a version of my creamy vanilla recipe and then just add the cranberry puree almost at the end of the ice cream making process. Cranberries are very sweet so I reduce the amount of sugar in the custard base as otherwise it can taste very very sweet.
A few words about measurements before we start
Living in France I use metric measurements, but I have converted these to American measurements for those of you who are reading this on the other side of the pond. Metric and American measurements do not convert exactly so I have rounded up or down as the recipe dictates. You will notice a discrepancy in the milk and cream quantity. Double Cream which is common in Europe is a lot heavier than Heavy Cream and so I use it roughly in the formula of two thirds milk to one third cream. When I have converted this for American readers it is better to use a milk to cream formula of half and half.
Recipe for Cranberry Ice Cream
100g or Half a cup of Cranberries
Juice of 1 Orange
100ml or Half a cup of Water
1 Cinnamon Stick
375ml Milk or one and a quarter cups of Milk
225ml Double Cream or one and a quarter cups of Heavy Cream
50g or one quarter of a cup of Brown Sugar
1 Vanilla Pod
4 Large Egg Yolks
First of all make the Cranberry Puree. Simmer the cranberries in a pan with the orange juice, the water and the cinnamon stick. When the cranberries are soft discard the cinnamon stick and blitz the softened cranberries in a blender or food processor. Put the pureed liquid to one side and let it chill, you will be using the liquid right at the end of the ice cream making process.
Scrape the seeds from the vanilla pod in to the cream and milk and heat until it almost reaches boiling point. DO NOT LET IT BOIL. Take off the heat and leave to one side.
Place the egg yolks and the sugar in to another bowl and mix until you get a creamy mixture. Add a tablespoon of the milk and cream mixture if you need to. Reheat the milk and cream and when almost at boiling point again add the eggs and sugar. Heat gently for about ten minutes until the mixture thickens and coats the back of a spoon.
Place the container with the custard mixture in to either your fridge, or a sink full of cold water for three to four hours to let it go cold. Once cold place the thickened mixture in to an Ice Cream Maker and churn. Five to ten minutes before the end of the freezing cycle add the cranberry puree to make a ripple effect. When it has finished the cycle freeze and eat within 1 week.
Cranberry ice cream tastes delicious on it's own, or with a warm pastry dessert such as fruit strudel or a mincemeat lattice. There is nothing quite like sitting indoors on a cold winters evening with a steaming hot pudding and beautiful creamy cranberry ice cream.

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