Saturday, September 21, 2013

Benefits of Eating Beef

  1. Grass Fed Beef Benefits
  2. My journey to find grass fed beef. Why should you be eating grass fed beef?
  3. The beef is part of our everyday life! Grilled on a skewer, it is well known, yet there is still so much to discover. Synonymous with strength and shape the diversity of preparations is amazing! Snack or simmered dish, hot or cold, thick meat or sliced âEUR

    Discover our selection of beef recipe
  4. Health issue

    Partly responsible for the cholesterol (the bad), it should not be abused beef. By cons, to deny it entirely can lead to anemia...

    As part of a plan, do not forget the beef because its proteins promote satiety. Contrary to popular belief, meat stew as are suited to the low-fat diet (vegetables have captured all the fat), as well as grills, but abuse!
  5. Agreements beef - wine, ask yourself these questions:

    - Raw beef (carpaccio recipes or tartar): choose a light red kind Burgundy Loire wine or pinot noir.
    - Grilled Beef: borbeaux wine, more tannic.
    - Simmered beef: Wine southeast or southwest, full-bodied and spicy.
    - It is also advisable to serve the same wine that was used in the preparation in the case of stew, stew, stews, etc.. So white is always possible, even if it may surprise!
  6. Zoom Nutrition

    Beef is an excellent source of protein. Its meat contains less than 6% fat and contains more than 22 amino acids, including 8 essential iron, zinc and B vitamins The human body can not manufacture them, we find them in our diet. 100 g of meat and guarantee 35 to 45% of daily needs of a man of 70 kg and 40 to 50% of the needs of a 60 kg woman.
  7. Some tips to conclude:

    - A cooked meat immediately from the refrigerator will be hard. Better to leave before and let it "warm up" slowly at room temperature.
    - Over the piece of beef is thick and less grill must be strong.
    - Never prick the meat when it blows at risk of drying out.
    - Salt halfway through cooking to prevent it from losing its "moisture" which also gives it its softness.
    - Feel free to mix songs in pots-au-feu and stews. The dish will be even tastier.
    - To enjoy a roast tender. At the end of cooking, wrap the meat in aluminum foil and let rest for a few minutes at the kiln inlet. This idea is also valid for a steak. By allowing the meat to rest, the heat goes into the meat to heart: this is the secret of a rare steak, but hot!
    - If you do not want to go for a beginner, never ask your butcher steak. This is the name of a dish rather than a piece of meat!
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