Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Drinking Vodka Tips

  1. I am only a beer tee-totaller, not a champagne teetotaller. - GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

    Nice And Easy: iced coffee is a marvelous pick-me-up in the late morning, but it is even better without real coffee. Try it like this: add two tablespoons of Camp coffee to a pint of milk and loads of ice. Enjoy.

    Poire William: have you ever wondered how they get a whole fresh fruit like a pear in a bottle of liqueur or spirits? It's easy. Get your favourite liqueur or wine bottle and clean it out. In the Spring, find a good-looking candidate fruit on a tree and while it is on the tree, insert it into the bottle. Tie the bottle securely to the branch. When the fruit is to your liking, cut it loose and untie the bottle. Rinse the bottle thoroughly, refill it with liqueur or spirit and recork. Keep it for as long as you can before reopening to drink.

    Quick Warm Up: when you are feeling chilled-to-the-marrow, you grab a hot drink to warm yourself up from the inside out. Next time, try putting a glass of sherry in a large mug of hot Bovril.

    Iced Vodka Drinks: the perfect way to serve iced vodka is as follows. Cut the neck off a two-liter, plastic bottle of Cola and fill it with water in the sink. Now insert the vodka bottle. Place the two-in-one bottles in the deep freezer until the water id frozen. The vodka will not freeze. When required, run the plastic bottle under the cold tap to loosen the ice. Withdraw the vodka bottle and it will have a perfect ice-collar. Place on a tray to catch the melting ice.

    Lemon Ices: lemon slices are frequently used in such drinks as gin and tonic. Next time you cut up a lemon, chop the left-over ends in to small pieces and put them in the ice tray before freezing the next batch. It adds a lovely twist of lemon to cola, spa or more gin and tonic.
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  3. Everybody likes a drink, with the possible exception of those poor souls suffering from hydrophobia, but they don't last long, because no one can last long with drinking something and nearly everything we drink is more than 90% water. Drinking is used in many circumstances.

    If someone suffers a shock, we give them strong, sweet tea. If someone is undergoing stress or sudden fatigue, we give them a glass of water. When someone experiences an achievement or a milestone, we buy them a bottle of wine or champagne. We get someone a beer on his birthday. And so the list goes on. Drinking is exceptionally important in the celebration of life. Even among teetotallers such as Muslims and Hindus, where they will drink tea or a specially prepared drink like runny yoghurt called lassi.

    Nations often have their national drink dating back to the days when stored water was likely to become diseased, so it had to be treated. Hence, beer was popular in ancient Europe. The monks would brew it and sell it to the public, before private breweries started up. Needless to say, beer is still very popular there. Te and coffee was more popular in countries that took a different cultural route. Later, Britain became more famous for tea than China and Germany more famous for coffee than the Arabic countries. France made wine. All as ways of rendering water fit for storage.

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