Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Healthy Foods That Make You Fat

  1. Sometimes foods thought to be good for you can sneak into your diet and do more harm than good. There are two fattening foods(le fait d'engraisser des nourritures) that I'll mention in this article that may be contributing to your difficulty in losing weight, as well as causing other health problems for you. The funny thing is, both of these foods are generally considered to be "healthy." You may, therefore, be surprised when I tell you what they are.
  2. 6 "Health" Foods That Make You Fat
  3. There is good evidence to suggest that one "health food" that is a culprit in denying people the weight loss they seek is wheat. Any food made with wheat is suspect. This would, of course, include many cereals, pasta, breads, and muffins. And don't be misled into thinking that because it is labeled "whole wheat" that it should be excluded from the list of fattening foods.
  4. Mike Geary, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, has observed that many of his clients, when they follow his advice and eliminate wheat from their diets, find that they start to lose weight and feel better almost immediately. Wheat products have been connected to more afflictions than fat gain, too. There seems to be a connection between wheat and headaches, digestive problems and even skin problems for many people.

    So, if you're consuming significant amounts of wheat products and are having difficulty losing weight, wheat could be a contributing factor. In fact, it could be the main factor which is preventing you from losing the weight you desire to lose. You can do an experiment of one and just see whether you feel better - or worse - by eliminating or significantly reducing your consumption of wheat products.
  5. Not all Diet foods are healthy. Find out which are not!
  6. 5 "Healthy" Foods That Make You Gain Fat
  7. The second food that I want to discuss which can sabotage your weight loss efforts may also surprise you, because it is thought by many of us to be one of the most "healthy" foods around. I'm talking about fruit juice.

    Now don't misunderstand me. I am talking about "fruit juice," not "fruit." Most fruits are very healthy for us. But, you don't find fruit juice in nature - you find fruits. When we separate the juice from the fruit, it is the beginning of a problem. The juice without the pulp and fiber of the fruit itself is a high calorie, sugary drink. The good fiber and other beneficial nutrients of the fruit have been processed out.

    When you eat fruit in its natural state, you consume the natural fiber along with the juice. The fiber satisfies your appetite and slows down the blood sugar response relative to just consuming the fruit juice alone. And this may surprise you. Apple juice and orange juice are two of the worst offenders in our western diet.

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