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Simple Yet Delicious Soup Ideas

As you know, there are many kinds of soup. Soup ranges from the thick, warming comfort food that you make to warm you up at lunchtime or dinnertime to soup which looks elegant and is served to guests. Of course, you could serve your guests the first type of soup, but if you really want to impress them with your soup-making ability you will want to make a sophisticated-looking soup recipe.

Soup is not difficult to make and there are some soup recipes with only a few ingredients, making this a great dish to make when you have company coming over. You can make a lot of soup recipes ahead of time and then gently reheat them. Some of the best soup recipes are made from a few ingredients only because using too many ingredients can over-complicate the soup.

Easy soup recipes for easy family dinners. Find a homemade soup recipe for your next party, chicken soup recipes your kids will love and easy soup recipes for healthy, satisfying meals.

Think of a vegetable soup made simply with water, vegetables and herbs. The herbs add all the flavor and cooking the vegetables for a long time brings out their flavor. This is an incredibly simple idea for soup but a classic one and a flavorful one too.

You do not have to serve something ultra-modern like a chilled fruit soup or something with an extra fancy garnish to impress people. Actually, most of the time the simple garnishes are better and the same can be said for the soup itself. Keep the flavors fresh and clean. Too many flavorings detract from the soup taste.

French Onion Soup - The True Classic Soup

If you want to make a French onion soup recipe, choose a classic French onion soup. Use the traditional ingredients of beef broth, onions, bread and gruyere cheese. You can try a different onion soup recipe if you like but there is a reason why classic soups never go out of vogue and that is because the traditional recipes cannot be improved upon.

French onion soup is a great example of a perfectly balanced soup which works perfectly on every level and if you are stuck for ideas for dinner party appetizers what about making classic French onion soup for your guests? They are guaranteed to love it. Alternatively you could try something unusual like a veal soup recipe or even a cream of lettuce soup. These are simple but delicious.

Soup of summer squashes, gnocchis of nanny goat

500 g of summer squash
50 g of chanterelles
50 g of ceps
50 g of chanterelles
50 g of trumpets of death
250 g of ricotta
1 onion
1 scallion
1 piece of rind
3 pods of garlic
1 leaf of laurel
white bottom
15 g of flour
herbes of Provence
1 yolk
salt, pepper, oil of olive and butter


Preparation of the soup: Made sweat the onion, the scallion(recette brouillade d oeufs) and the garlic. Slice thinly and add the rind and the leaf of laurel. Add the summer squash and flavouring and made sweat. Pour the white bottom and cooked 25 mn. Preparation of mushrooms: Clean and wash mushrooms, blow them up in the oil of olive. Made return water in mushrooms before draining them. Fry with some butter, the scallion and some hacked garlic once again. Preparation of gnocchis: Mix the ricotta, the yolk, the flour, salt, the pepper, the oil of olive and the herbes of Provence. Put expenses in during 15 mn. Accomplish small quenelles with the aid of 2 spoons and poach them in shaking water. As soon as gnocchis goes back up to the surface, they are cooked. Mix the soup, then cross it to Chinese. Put a hazelnut of butter and rectify flavouring. Dispose mushrooms in the middle of the plate, line up gnocchis around and pour the soup.

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