Monday, July 29, 2013

The Perfect Fruit

Pear, One of the nature's perfect fruit

Pear is also known as Pomaceous fruit is placed in the genus Prunus. The word pear has been derived from a Greek word. Pear is known in cultivation in the cooler temperate climates since times immemorial.
They are supposed to be natives to the coastal and mild temperate regions of Old World, from Western Europe and North Africa east right across Asia. They are medium-sized trees attaining height of 10-17 m with a narrow crown and some varieties are shrubby also. The leaves are arranged in alternate fashion on the branches and are 2-12 cm long. The leaves are generally glossy green or silvery hairy, oval to lanceolate. Majority of the species are deciduous but two growing in Southeast Asia are evergreen.

Pears, for instance, might be nature's most perfect fruit. Even recommended as one of the first fruits for infants, pears have fewer allergic reactions than just about any other fruit. Then, take into account the fact that they have more pectin than apples, one a day might keep the doctor away better than an apple. Pectin helps to lower cholesterol levels and aids in intestinal health and function.

Pears also have Vitamin K in more than a trifling amount. 9.3% of the daily value provides protection against bleeding associated with the long-term use of aspirin or antibiotics. People getting the proper amounts of vitamin K also have greater bone density and vitamin K helps to get rid of those ugly dark circles under your eyes.

Pear with the wine, ice cream vanilla, pepper mignonnette


• 4 beautiful pears
• 300 G of sugar
• 2 cinnamon sticks
• 2 cloves
• 50 Cl of Castle of Hospitalet 95
50 water Cl


Make a syrup with an equal quantity of water and wine, castle of Hospitalet 95, sugar (to the amount of 30% of the liquid part), of the cinnamon sticks and the cloves. Peel pears, then poach them when the syrup quivers. Completely let cool them in syrup, about during 12 mn. Make a quenelle of ice cream vanilla, slice pears, put cinnamon in decoration, with syrup, and finish in beauty by a blow of pepper mill.

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