Sunday, August 4, 2013

Adding Garlic to your Food

  1. Its good for your health *Lol "@deratune_: Ugghhhh wtf this babe put garlic in this stew I'm eating"
  2. The link between food and health is often forgotten and the wonderful part about adding garlic to your food is it is so flavorful you forget it has preventative disease and medicinal healing properties.

    Garlic is one of the best sources of selenium, a nutrient noted by cancer researchers for its powerful antioxidant properties. From curing colds, and fighting cholesterol to cleansing toxins from your body; is it any wonder it is considered a miracle food? To learn more about it's medicinal properties I recommend reading, Garlic the Miracle Food by Dr. Pavlov.

    Add Garlic to your food everyday - yes every day. Sound like a lot? You won't think so once you discover a few favorite recipes. With these tips and ideas you will find yourself roasting garlic, adding it to cooked and non-cooked meals and yikes, even eating it raw!

    Worried about smelling of garlic? Although people who eat garlic on a regular basis do not reek of it, after a meal of eating it raw you will have garlic breath. To relieve garlic breath, chew on a sprig of parsley. If you are worried, stick to cooked garlic or garlic capsules.

    Over the years I've discovered a variety of ways to use garlic in my daily meals, and have converted many people to the wonders of garlic as well. These ideas will turn your meals into tasty delights and gourmet dishes. If you are unaccustomed to garlic, start with smaller amounts until your taste buds get used to the new flavor.
  3. Health Benefits of Garlic - Things You Should Know About Garlic
  4. There's A Lot Of Benefits Connected With Garlic And We Will Discuss A Number Of Them Here

    This isn't a thing that is new, as it has been used for a very long time, but individuals are just beginning to realize all the different benefits this food can have

    When it comes to the research which has been done recently you are going to discover that this is really a food which has been shown to help people lower cholesterol and their blood pressure

    Although there are lots of benefits that are related to this sort of food, in the following slides we are going to discuss only a couple of the benefits

    Many men and women nowadays are already aware of the point that garlic is a thing that can do great things for their body

    Incorporating garlic to your diet is something that can actually have a positive affect on your liver and can help it return to regular operation

    The ingestion of garlic is a thing that can in fact end up activating the cells in the liver, helping to remove various kinds of toxic substances

    For individuals who feel tired all the time this may be mainly because your liver isn't functioning properly and is allowing these toxic compounds to buildup inside your body

    Including garlic to your diet can also have other health advantages, which includes things such as increasing your blood circulation and assisting with your cholesterol levels

    Cholesterol is something which builds up in your blood and the different compounds that you can find in garlic helps suppress these cholesterol levels

    Your arteries are clogged do to an accumulation of cholesterol, so when you can lower the cholesterol in your blood you are going to also be helping your circulatory system

    There have additionally been studies performed that show that garlic can in fact have the ability of dissolving the cholesterol within your blood vessels

    Another great benefit that can be related to garlic is that it actually has the ability of decreasing people's high blood pressure

    Garlic is a product that will actually help control how your heart functions and will additionally help it to stay at a steady level

    And mainly because garlic can help clear your arteries from buildup, this is also a thing that will have an advantageous impact on your high blood pressure

    A person's pancreas is responsible for the production of insulin, and when it is not working properly it can end up leading to diabetes in many folks

    If you are diabetic, and this has been brought on by a defective pancreas, you might find that garlic can in fact cure you of this condition

    Garlic essentially contains a compound, that when combined with vitamin B1, can activate the pancreas in order to promote insulin secretion

    So if your diabetes has been induced due to a problem with your pancreas, you will probably find that garlic can actually be a cure for this condition

    There are plenty of other benefits which are associated with this food but we do not have nearly enough room to cover every little thing that it can do

    So for individuals that are not yet consuming garlic everyday or taking a garlic supplement, this is something you may possibly want to think about.
  5. Use Garlic to Improve Your Health
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