Friday, August 23, 2013

Fancy Foods

  1. Fancy food is not just like any other food, but it includes fancy ingredients that are unconventional, things like confectionery items, cheese, coffee, snacks, spices, ethnic, natural, organic, etc. Fancy Food Trends not only covers New Fancy Recipes, but also, ingredients, products, or any other trend like extensive use of a particular ingredient or a cooking style.
  2. Super-food Mania:

    Referring to the use of super foods like Goji, quinoa, chia seeds, mulberries, blueberries, golden berries. They are increasingly used in meals ranging from evening snacks to morning breakfast, cereals, energy drinks, pasta, etc. These are known as super foods as they are rich with vital nutrients and anti-oxidants, so full of energy.


    Coconut chips, coconut oils, coconut drinks, ice cream, coconut chips, this and that. Its coconut all over the place. It is already used extensively in some South Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, etc, and the concept is catching up in America as well.

    Non Potato Chips:

    The healthier options compared to the potato chips, and these include fruit chips, lentil chips, kale chips. Also, there are baked items, for extra health conscious food loving people.

    Gluten Free and Dairy Free Food:

    There are good options available in these type of foods, and the trend is picking up fast. The items presented in a recent Food Show featured Salted caramel Corn puffs, Pretzels and shortbread cookies, Cinnamon Swirl, and all that was very well made. Also, Gluten Free and Dairy Free products are also included in formal dining as well. So the concept is really catching up.

    Un-Conventional Soda Drinks:

    Making a comeback with unconventional flavors from a variety of fruit, herbs and spices. There are also available some vintage sodas like the one from 'The Fizzary'.

    Duck Eggs:
    Chef are preferring duck eggs over hen eggs, as they claim it is rich in taste, essence and nutrition.

    Homemade Yogurt:
    It is widely agreed that homemade yogurt is far more creamier than the one available at a nearby store.

    It's the fiery Korean chili paste, and it is very much liked now, with everything from a sandwich to the chicken wings.

    This is widely used to garnish ribs, fries, salmon tar tines. It is part of the mustard family.

    White Tea:
    Delicate and the least processed of them all, the whites' natural, leafy flavor comes closest to what a pure tea leaf tastes like.

    So these were some of the products I find trending in 2013, tune in for more, will add more if I find any. Hope you enjoy the article. Please leave your opinions here.
  3. 2011 Fancy Food Show Highlights, San Francisco, CA

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