Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to Cook Sweet Peas

  1. Sweet Peas
  2. If you are a vegetarian then you probably love either beans or peas. It does not take much time to cook sweet peas given the fact that most peas cook rather fast. This is especially if they are fresh. Note that the recipe you settle for also determines the time that you take to cook. It is advisable that you use simple recipes to avoid wasting time while trying to use ingredients that you are not familiar with. In fact you won't need that pressure cooker that you normally use since it might overcook. Only dried peas might take more time.

    What are some of the tips for cooking sweet peas?

    Only until you are sure that the peas are tender should you add tomatoes and salt.

    Cook over a medium heat since a slow cooking intensifies the flavor. This will help you use fewer spices unlike those used in custom cooking and the food will still taste good.

    If you boil water before you add your peas, it will save you more time. It will take such a short period of time to cook.

    Approximate water needed for your cooking before you add the peas. This will save you the trouble of setting an alarm as a reminder. If you measure the water well then you can cook sweet peas perfectly without under cooking. You can leave them to cook as you carry on with other household tasks. Just make sure that you keep an eye on them so as to turn off the heat on time.
  3. You can prepare your peas at night if you want to have the meal for breakfast. In the morning, you will find that they have become so sweet. That is another way to have sweet peas as the first meal of the day. If some remains, you can take the food along with rice for lunch. Just make sure that you store the meal in suitable temperature to keep it away from bacteria.

    The heat you start off with should be regulated with time in order to ensure that you cook properly. Adding salt when the peas are tender ensures that they maintain their color. Green ones for instance will remain green without turning to brownish.

    If you want to prepare sweet peas stews and soups, ensure that you first heat onions and spices in oil well before adding them to the boiled peas.

    It is not a must that you add meat to peas to make the meal sweet and tasty. If you have a vegetarian in your family then you do not want to spoil such a perfect source of vitamin D for them by adding meat or any other animal products. There are a variety of peas that you can always alternate while cooking so that you do not get bored with a specific type. Note that the best way to keep fresh food fresh is by putting it into the fridge.

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