Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Make Your Fries Crunchy

  1. Dad is getting me French fries
  2. French Fries - How to Make Crispy French Fries
  3. Top Chef University presents Chef CJ(chef etoile) teaching you how to cook the perfect crispy french fries.
  4. How to Make the Perfect French Fries - Crispy French Fries
  5. The secret to crisp and crunchy fries is in the heat. This recipe is for pan fries, which are tasty and better for you than deep-fried ones. .
  6. Chop potatoes into wedges
  7. Boil in salted water for about 7-9 minutes.
  8. Drain water from the potatoes.
  9. Place on a shallow baking tray with lots of olive oil (don't use extra virgin, it will smoke) and toss them around in the oil until completely coated. Canola oil also works.
  10. Put it in the oven at 425-450ºF.
  11. Periodically toss them around as they bake, scoop and flip with the implement of your choice.
  12. The minute they are almost done, jack the temperature up to 500 degrees--seriously--and cook for just a few more minutes. Watch carefully! This gives them extra crispiness--so good! A trick from a famous San Fran chef.
  13. Finished,.
  14. I want french fries! :(

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