Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Preparing Beef

Be sure to look for beef that is quite lean when you are shopping for foods that will help you burn fat. These are called round or loin(bruno lorgues). Be sure to buy beef that is certified organic and that has been grass fed. If you buy ground beef, be sure it is at least ninety percent lean.

You can refrigerate beef as soon as you get it home, or you can freeze it and use it at a later date. Be sure to use beef that has been refrigerated within 5 days. If you are going to freeze it, you can repackage it or you can freeze it in the package it comes in. If you keep it in the freezer, your beef will be fresh for up to a year. When you defrost, be sure to do so safely in cold water or in the fridge.

Before you cook it, cut off all the fat that you can see. It is not necessary to rinse beef before you cook it because the cooking will destroy bacteria that may be present. You can marinate beef in your refrigerator for as many as 5 days.

If the marinade has been used before, be sure to boil it before using it again, and then toss it out when you are finished with it.

Do not cook beef partially, refrigerate, and then finish cooking at a later time. Cooking it partially will not kill any bacteria that may be present.

For tougher cuts such as, tri-tip steak, round steak, eye of round steak, chuck, chuck arm, blade steak and round steak, braising is a good cooking method. It is good for these kinds of beef roasts as well: back ribs, short ribs, rump, shoulder, blade, and arm. To braise, you would use a tightly covered pan with a small amount of liquid and a low flame.

Other ways to cook it are pan broiled, broiled, stewed, roasted, and grilled. Broiling, grilling and roasting are low fat cooking methods. Frying is the worst choice you can make.

There is almost no limit to the dishes you can make with beef.

Here are just a few of the dishes you can make with beef: beef ranchero wraps, grilled beef tacos, enchilada skillet steak, marinated Mediterranean steaks, beef kabobs, grilled T-bone steaks, beef stew, beef stock for soups, steaks with caramelized onions, hamburgers, beef pasta and casseroles, meatballs, and more.
Be sure to try some lean, fresh, certified organic, grass fed beef as soon as you can.

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