Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easy Gourmet Recipes

  1. People constantly ask me what's the best source of easy gourmet recipes? Finding new recipes should not be a tiresome task. Easy gourmet recipes are the lifeblood of making great cooking easy and fast. I always recommend having multiple sources of recipes to really get a good understanding of how to vary a dish. Here are my three favorite sources of new easy gourmet recipes:

    1. Websites - Two of my favorites are and
    2. Magazines - There are many good ones I recommend Food and Wine, Bon AppĂ©tit and Gourmet Magazines.
    3. TV Shows - Some of my favorites Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals and Robin Miller's Quick Fix Meals
  2. Good websites are a great source of gourmet recipes and related tips, links and material to make the process easier. Magazines are a convenient source that you can take anywhere and view at a moments notice. TV shows are a great way to visually see the recipe being made and see how a cook will vary the recipe. Integrating all these sources into your search coupled with your favorite cookbook will greatly accelerate your learning.
  3. Frozen desserts by Gourmandia
  4. Greek Recipes by Gourmandia
  5. Ridiculously Healthy Foods

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