Monday, June 10, 2013

Father's Day Food Gift Ideas

The way to Dad's heart is through his tummy! What other way to profess your heartfelt love for Daddy Dearest than by gifting him treats and snacks to savor. Here are 5 sure-to-please ideas for Dad's day gifts:

1. Barbecue Stuff: Set the grill on fire and have a great time grilling burgers and hot dogs with Dad in your backyard. But first, be sure to start the day by gifting him a set of his favorite Barbecue sauces. Add an Apron and a hand towel to make the gift interesting and make things easier for Mom.

2.Coffee Hamper: Gift Dad an assortment of his favorite coffees and a special mug. You could even get the mug customized for him. If you have extra cash, why not make the gift more special by adding some cookies or biscotti or anything else that your Dad would love to have with his coffee.

3. Tea Gift Basket: if Dad loves Tea, think no further. Put together a gift basket with his samplers of some of the best teas or his favorite teas along with tea cups, cookies or mini cakes.

4. Picnic Basket: Stuff a picnic basket with goodies for a lovely picnic in the nearby camping ground or even your own backyard. Cheese, mustard, stuffed olives, spiced nuts, chocolates, candies etc.
5. TV Time Junk Food: If Dad prefers to relax in front of the TV munching, nothing could be better than putting together some of his favorite munchy snacks along with a favorite CD. Some ideas are popped corn, chips, crackers, chocolate bars etc.

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