Monday, March 11, 2013

A Clawless Lobster

  1. Crawfish 

    Let us get closer with the crawfish by knowing its family and its value. It is recorded to be a member of super families Astacoidea and Parastacoidea. It is a freshwater crustaceans related to lobsters. As we all know that lobsters are of two types: the clawless and the one with claw. Crawfish is clawless rock lobsters.

    Obviously, it is a decapods crustacean which is made up of nineteen body segments. The body is divided into cephalothorax and the abdomen. The average size ofcrawfish or crayfish is 17.5 centimeters where some grow bigger. They came from South America, North America, Australia and Asia. In different continents there live different family of crayfish; some are Parastacidae, Astacidae and Cambaridae.

    En croute rack of lamb of grass, apples Paolo / Carré d'agneau en croûte d'herbes, pommes Paolo


    • 4 carré d'agneau paréPour la croûte
    :• 25 g de thym haché
    • 5 g de romarin haché
    • 5 g de persil haché
    • 5 g de basilic haché
    • 5 g de sauge haché
    • 75 g de beurre
    • 1 c. à café de moutarde
    • 1 jaune d'oeuf
    • 75 g de mie de pain
    • poivre du moulin, selPour les pommes Paolo
    :• 300 g de graisse d'oie
    • 4 grosses pommes de terre bintjePour les 2 sauces :
    • 0,5 l de fond d'agneau
    • 35 g de cèpes séchés
    • 150 g de beurre
    • 200 g de flageolets cuits


    Initially, make gild the squares with the frying pan, with a little butter. Preparation of the crust: Mix all the ingredients, but book a little grasses for sauce. Spread out the mixture over the meat, tap with a spatula, to make adhere. Heat 0.2 liter of the bottom of lamb and add boletus dried, withdraw fire and let infuse during 30 minutes. Pass sauce to remove boletus. Go up to butter with one to mix.

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