Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gratin of cool fruits in the sillabub of Sambucca

Gratin of cool fruits in the sillabub of Sambucca

5 cl of Sambucca which is an Italian alcohol, that can be replaced by Grand Marnier, by Cointreau, by Amaretto, by all alcohols which they use in pastry


Clarify eggs, that is to say separate the white of the yellow. Add a tablespoonful filled with caster sugar by yellow d ' œuf, then the sambucca. Made heat a saucepan of scalding water and put to cook the sillabub in the bath - marry. Meantime, whip yellow d ' œufs. Take the fruits which you chose, wash them in cold water and prepare them. Fruits being sharpened, you can begin raising your plate. Take a bit of sillabub(hotel rosalp verbier), put it in the bottom of the plate, then, you make brown your plate under the salamander, if you do not have it at you, make brown in an electrical oven or in gas, by paying attention, because it is very quick. Dispose your fruits on this sillabub. Put of the gratin on fruits. Once your ended plate, you carry it again under the salamander during 1 - 2 minutes, to brown. Once the plate is browned well, you withdraw it. If you want to impress your guests, made heat your alcohol, then singe your gratin of fruits.

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