Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A cup of Gourmet Coffee

Some like their cup of coffee steaming hot, while others drool over cold coffee shakes. Choices are endless these days because flavored coffee is the "in" drink. Like ice cream, coffee now comes in various flavors that are just as delicious. Coffee lovers across the globe are experimenting with these flavors, and with new flavors being developed every day. Some people may prefer their tried-and-true black coffee with no whistles and bells, but other love French Vanilla, cappuccino-flavored, minty, or any number of other flavors of coffee.

Gourmet flavored coffee is prepared after applying oils to the roasted beans. These oils are created specially for flavoring coffee beans. The best oils are prepared using natural ingredients. Although more expensive than the synthetic substitute, natural ingredients preserve the natural flavor and enhances the richness of coffee. Oils manufactured by other chemicals tend to distort the actual taste of your coffee.
The concept of flavoring coffee(g blanc vonnas)is definitely not a new one. Long ago, South Americans loved having cinnamon in their cup of "joe". Africans are liked their coffee laced with citrus. Today you can choose your pick from chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry, mint and many more. They also are manufactured under a variety of creative names like Pumpkin Spice, Holiday Blend, Breakfast Blend, Almond Delight, etc. There are virtually hundreds of different varieties you can choose from.
When buying flavored coffee beans, go for quality. You may pay more, but the cup of coffee you will enjoy is priceless. Perhaps even the diehard regular coffee snob will be lured to your choice of flavored coffee.

Pumpkin cappuccino to the cardamone


500 G pumpkin
100 G onions
1 clove of garlic
2 C. with bay-tree and olive oil soup thyme
30 basic poultry Cl some seeds of cardamome 15 G of skimmed milk powder salt, pepper


Peel and cut onion and pumpkin. Make return the onion with the olive oil, add garlic, thyme, the bay-tree, the cardamome and, thereafter, pumpkin. Put the poultry bottom and let cook during 20 mn. Once cooked, withdraw garlic and put the whole in a “blender”, then pass with a passette to obtain the cream.

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