Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marine of bar to the unrefined olive oil

Marine of bar to the unrefined olive oil


2 beautiful bars of 800 G well shining, quite fresh 2 red peppers
4 aubergines
4 beautiful tomatos, quite round, quite red 1 small basil bouquet
1 onion
1 small bunch of thyme
virgin olive oil
salt and pepper


Raise nets of 160 G each one, approximately. You initially will prepare aubergine, with a treasurer, by removing the skin which will be used to you to decorate the plate. You sprinkle with unrefined olive oil, so that it can penetrate well in aubergine during cooking, then put it to you in curlpaper, by swaddling it the best possible one. Lastly, you put it at the oven with 150 degrees, during approximately 35 minutes. Now prepare the aubergine skins which will be used to you for decoration.

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