Monday, March 11, 2013

Homemade Pie

Have Homemade Pie For Thanksgiving

For some people Thanksgiving is about the turkey, but for other people the turkey dinner is just a formality before dessert. Thanksgiving is a time for pies, and serving homemade pies is the ultimate treat for your guests.

Too often, however, people fall back on pies from the grocery store instead of making their own pies. Getting a pie from the store is convenient but such pies lack the flavor of a homemade pie and you do not get the joy of indulging in and sharing a dessert you created yourself.

Pie with figs/ Tarte aux figues

500 G of figs
puff pastry
75 G of sugar freeze
spices, cardamome, a little cinnamon

The best period to carry out this receipt goes from May to September. To choose good figs/ brouillade truffes, it is necessary that they are flexible with the touch, or even slightly cracked, with a thick sugar species which escapes from it. Crush figs with the fork to make a paste of it. Season with spices, cardamome, cinnamon, but not too, and a little sugar freezes. Spread out puff pastry, put it in a mould and prick it, the holes will prevent it from narrowing.

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