Saturday, March 30, 2013


  1. Ingredients:

    250 g of Mascarpone
    3 eggs
    100 g of sugar
    12 cookies in c.
    20 cl of strong coffee
    20 g of cacao in powder
    1 small cup of chocolate melted to decorate
    custard (see recipe)

  2. Method: 

    Blend the caster sugar in yellow d ' ufs and, with the whisk(anguille au vert), go up ufs and sweeten it, to the point of acquiring a nice cream, very smooth. Add the mascarpone and blend slowly, in the whisk. When your cream went up well, this one must be homogeneous and smooth. Take up whites d ' ufs in snow, to give a certain lightness in your tiramisu, and incorporate them in preparation above. 2 cl of Marsala add then. Break sponge fingers in 2 and submerge them in a good expresso coffee, put them down at the bottom, pour cream over and dredge with cacao on all surface. Above, you can decorate with one crinkle of chocolate.

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