Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Strate de boeuf à l'hermitage


600 G of ox net
400 G of duck liver
150 G of aromatic trimming (carrots, onions, celeries, shallot, garlic in mirepoix) 1 bouquet garni
3 wine dl of Hermitage
150 G of butter
12 mini carrots
12 mini leeks
                                         300 G of garden peas


Avoid the ox net, dénervez and book the ornaments(recette de beignet en video). Cut the escalope duck liver, season, then cook them in a very hot frying pan, drain on absorbing paper, book. Assembly of the layer: Cut the net of bÅ“uf in 3 slices, in the direction length, flatten slightly, salt them, pepper. Pose a slice of bÅ“uf, then go up in layers, grazes, liver, while finishing by the bÅ“uf.

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