Saturday, March 23, 2013

Chicken of gatinais en croute of clay

Chicken of gatinais en croute of clay

1 chicken of 1.8 kg
60 G of truffles
4 kg of food clay 400 G of chanterelles
30 G of gray shallots 100 G of foie gras
12 carrots fans
8 small leeks
4 small fennels
500 G of broad beans
2 turnips fans
5 dl of poultry 
1/2 aroma liter of cream


For the joke of chanterelles(video recette tiramisu): Clean, wash and drain the chanterelles, then cut them in brunoise. Slightly make return the chopped shallot and the chanterelles in a frying pan, with butter, at the end, add the foie gras, out of fire. Preparation of vegetables: Peel, clean, scrape vegetables, by leaving nevertheless a little fans. Make cook them separately and, at the last moment, pass them to butter.

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